Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IOT) (Using Arduino) Objective This course focuses on hands-on IoT concepts such as sensing, actuation, and communication. It covers the development of Internet of Things (IoT) prototypes


FLUTTER Flutter is an open-source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. Audience This Course is prepared for professionals who are aspiring to

Embedded System

Embedded System Course Objective Discover better career opportunities on Embedded Systems to create modern smart technologies for day-to-day life. We provide deep insights with the comprehensive Embedded Systems course syllabus


Vex VR

Vex VR What is Vex VR? VEX Robotics has officially launched VEX code VR (Virtual Robot), a web-based tool designed to meet the needs of computer science lessons for those

Python with Django

Python with Django Course Duration–60hrs Why do we need Python? Program structure Environment Setup Python Installation Execution Types What is an interpreter? Interpreters vs Compilers Using the Python Interpreter Interactive

Data Analysis

DATA ANALYTICS WITH PYTHON Audience Previous experience with Python programming. Prerequisites Basic Python programming experience. You should be comfortable working with strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries loops and conditionals and writing

Digital Robotics

Digital Robotics Objective The ideal objective of the Digital Robotics program is to develop skills in programming (from block to text) and as well as Prototype building to real-time projects


Drone Objective The absolute objective of the course is to make the students understand the fundamentals of flight and the physics behind it and to understand various applications of aerial