Previous experience with Python programming.


Basic Python programming experience. You should be comfortable working with strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries loops and conditionals and writing your own functions.

Course Outcome:

  • What data analysis is
  • The Python skills that you need for data analysis
  • How to use Jupyter Lab as your IDE
  • How to split the screen between two Notebooks
  • How to use Magic Commands
  • Introduction to the Pandas Data Frame
  • How to examine the data
  • How to access the columns and rows
  • How to work with the data
  • How to shape the data
  • How to analyze the data
  • Introduction to data visualization
  • How to create 8 types of plots
  • How to enhance a plot
  • Introduction to Seaborn
  • How to enhance and save plots
  • How to create relational plots
  • How to create categorical plots
  • How to create distribution plots
  • Other techniques for enhancing a plot
  • How to find the data that you want to analyze
  • How to import data into a Data Frame
  • How to get database data into a Data Frame
  • How to work with a Stata file
  • How to work with a JSON file
  • Introduction to data cleaning
  • How to simplify the data
  • How to find and fix missing values
  • How to fix data type problems
  • How to find and to fix outliers
  • How to add and modify columns
  • How to apply functions and lambda expressions
  • How to work with indexes
  • How to combine Data Frames
  • How to handle the Setting With Copy Warning
  • How to create and plot long data
  • How to group and aggregate the data
  • How to create and use pivot tables
  • How to work with bins
  • More skills for data analysis
  • How to reindex time-series data
  • How to resample time-series data
  • How to work with rolling windows
  • How to work with running totals
  • Introduction to predictive analysis
  • How to find correlations between variables
  • How to use Scikit-learn to work with a linear regression
  • How to plot regression models with Seaborn
  • A simple regression model for a Cars dataset
  • How to work with a multiple regression model
  • How to work with categorical variables
  • How to improve a multiple regression model