Flutter is an open-source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.


This Course is prepared for professionals who are aspiring to make a career in the field of mobile applications.

Pre- Requisite:

PCs with a minimum of 16 Gb RAM, i5 Processor, and 2 GB VRAM. Technical knowledge of mobile application framework and Object-Oriented Programming.


The main objective of the course is to enable developers to create and develop high-performance apps that feel natural on different platforms, embracing differences where they exist while sharing as much code as possible.

Course syllabus

Introduction to Flutter

Introduction to Dart

Features of flutter

Advantages & Disadvantages


Android Studio

Creating Demo project

Virtual Device

Hello World

Structure of Application

Architecture of Flutter

Dart Programming


Data types

Decision making



Object Oriented Programming

Fields, Getters & setters, Constructors and Functions

Introduction to Widgets

Platform Specific widgets

Layout Widgets

State Maintenance Widgets

Platform Independent Widgets

Introduction to Layouts

Single child Layout Widgets

Multiple child Layout Widgets

Introduction to gestures

Used gestures

Gestures director

Advanced gestures

State management

Ephemeral state management

Navigation & Routing

Material page Route


Animation based classes

Workflow of animation

Android-specific code

IOS specific code

Introduction to package

Dart Package

Flutter Package

Flutter Plugin

Developing flutter plugin

Accessing REST API

Basic Concepts

Accessing Product service API

Flutter testing

Unit testing

Widget testing

Integration testing

Flutter Deployment

Flutter Deployment tools

Visual Studio Code & Dart dev


Update Flutter SDK

Course outcome

The above are the possible outcomes for the flutter app and can be used to design in multi-platforms like mobile, web, Desktop, and Embedded. The above examples are
  • Refletly(personal journal AI)
  • eBay motors(e-commerce)
  • Alibaba (e-commerce)
  • Nubank (banking)