Vex VR

What is Vex VR?

VEX Robotics has officially launched VEX code VR (Virtual Robot), a web-based tool designed to meet the needs of computer science lessons for those who don’t have access to a physical VEX Robot at home.


Teach and learn coding with Virtual Robots (VR). VEX code VR brings real-world STEM concepts to life making coding immersive, accessible, and fun. And also how the programming works on a robot.

Modules in Block Programming:

  • Drivetrain.
  • Magnet.
  • Looks.
  • Events.
  • Control.
  • Sensing.
  • Operator.
  • Variable.
  • We can also convert blocks into Python text codes.

Play Ground Modules:

  • Castle Crasher.
  • Wall Maze.
  • Encoded Messages.
  • Line Detector.
  • Number Grid.
  • Shape Tracer.
  • Disk Mover.

Course Outcome:

As an outcome of VEX VR a student’s analytical skills, logical thinking, problem-solving and creativity skills will increase.