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About us

ROBOMATIIC is an Educational, Research & Development start-up. We are providing Robotics education at Schools / Colleges in STREAM EDUCATION and also providing the new product development and industrial solutions in the sector of Industry 4.0.
We aim to produce the next generation innovators and problem solvers for the world through our unique offerings through our Omni channel presence. Our customized robotic training offers many advantages over the standard approach. Every theory portion of the course is followed by hands-on activity using simulation software and multiple versions of OEM robotic equipment so that each student builds confidence in their ability to navigate and work efficiently on whatever application they may encounter.


We provide highly effective Robotics Education through its integrated curriculum materials and equipment that engage and create a passion towards STEAM fields i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. All programs are result oriented; research and inquiry based and which are all aligned perfectly on International standards. STEM & STEAM are an inevitable concept implemented across 100+ countries. We offer STREAM based courses which have been designed to explore knowledge of students in the field of Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics from a young age, to develop inclination towards these subjects and to experience the real world applications eventually to develop the problem solving skills.

Why Us ?

We understand the importance of being capable of solving and troubleshooting robotic equipment issues in a timely manner, especially when it disrupts production. That’s why each class at Robomatiic is designed to prepare you for what you see and experience out. We want you to walk away from these courses knowing that you can apply what you just learned to your own operations.

Instructors evaluate each student by verifying their work done, accomplish all hands on written and lab exercises assigned, perform robot testing and recovery procedures, and conduct the pre-test and post-test.

Students and management / Parents know exactly what is learned by comparing pre-test and post-test scores, plus course evaluations will let you know, how the classes were received and if there are any areas for improvement.

Looking for something even more specific? We may be able to help.

Our teaching philosophy is quite simple: to offer training curriculum that ensures students success. From routine selection and cycling to the lesser known yet equally important mastering methods, each class covers application specific processes, troubleshooting techniques, and common procedures.