The main objective of this program is to make students understand the Robotics and to enhance the skills in programming through various modules through STREAM (Science, Technology,Robotics, Engineering, Arts & Math) based education.


Enthusiasm for exploring the unexplored!

Learning Outcome

After completing this curriculum, students will have a great understanding of programming, electronics, physical computing, and robotics. The activities in this curriculum, focusing on STREAM based learning, will help them develop skills such as DIY-ing, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork.
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Introduction to Robotics, History

Create Scenes With Algodoo

Model the Playground


Why are Wheels Circular in Shape?


Rolling Down a Ramp

Float and sink with density concept

Mirror (Reflection concept)

Rainbow (spectrum, refraction, speed of light)

Friction of a Sliding Object(Friction, force, velocity)

Centre of gravity and Mass

Tipping Truck (Exercise for Center of Gravity)

The Seesaw (Moment of force, lever)

Gas (Pressure, temperature & heat conduction),Galileo’s Inclined Planes

Free Fall (Free fall, gravity, air drag, force)

Parachuting (Free fall, gravity, air drag, force, terminal velocity)

Marble Pyramid (Friction, normal force)

Springs (Spring, force, oscillation, g-force)

Arch Constructions (Friction, arch)

Gears and Chains

Ropes and Pulleys


Introduction to Electronics with tinkercad

Ohm’s Law using LED Circuit

LED Dimmer using Potentiometer

LED On/Off using switch

Role of resister in circuit and Series and parallel circuit

Multiple LED Circuit

DC motor with battery circuit

Arduino and its architecture

Simple blink experiment using Arduino

Sensor and its types

Interfacing sensor with Arduino

Actuators and its types

Interfacing actuator with Arduino

Role of motor driver in a circuit

Motor On/Off along with LED Indicator

Sensor based motor actuation

Lemon Battery Circuit

Potato Battery Circuit

Types of Battery

LED Wave Experiment

Toggle LED using Push button

LDR and its working

LDR-based Light Detector

Automatic Street Light Circuits using LDR

Assignment – Traffic Signal Circuit

Motor On/Off using Ultrasonic sensor

Motor On/Off using IR sensor

Motor On/Off using LDR

Motor speed control using potentiometer

Introduction to Serial Monitor in Arduino

State Change Detection Circuit

Serial monitor of the Ultrasonic Sensor

Serial monitor of the IR Sensor

Serial monitor of the LDR

Interfacing of LCD Display with Arduino

Displaying Hello world text and running timer experiment

Interfacing 4-pin LCD Display with Arduino

Distance measuring robot (Wiring)

Distance measuring robot (Programming)

Assignment on Distance measuring robot

Arduino-Based DC Motor Speed Controller With LCD

PIR Sensor and its Working

Interfacing PIR Sensor with Arduino

PIR Sensor-based Security System

PIR Sensor and its Working

Introduction to 7-Segment Display and its Architecture

Interfacing of 7-Segment display with Arduino

Countdown timer using 7-segment display

Flex/Humidity sensor and its working

Interfacing flex/Humidity sensor with Arduino

Serial monitor of flex/Humidity sensor

Controlling LED with flex/humidity sensor

Introduction to the servo motor and its pin configuration

Controlling servo motor with flex sensor

Assignment based on servo motor

Introduction to Tilt Sensor and pin configuration

LED Control using Tilt sensor (without Arduino)

LED Control using Tilt sensor with (Arduino)

Voltage meter using 7 segment display

Introduction to moisture sensor and its pin configuration

Working of Moisture sensor

Interfacing moisture sensor and serial monitoring

Soil moisture level monitor using moisture sensor

Motor On/Off based on the soil moisture level

Construction of pick and place robot

Merging pick & place and Autonomous robot


Introduction to programming and relation with Robotics

Block Programming with a sample program

Move the robot in all directions

The motion of a robot towards a particular number in the number grid environment

Word Search using VR Bot

Crash the castle using VR Bot

Use loops and variables to draw a flower in flower garden environment

Hit the bullseye by drawing angle using VR Bot

Navigate the number grid map to find your age using VR Robot

Grid map spiral using VR bot

Program the VR Robot to draw the largest perimeter square

Sensing Color

Program a VR Robot to trace polygons and calculate the area and perimeter

Program a VR Robot to trace Unique shapes and calculate the area and perimeter

Create an algorithm to knock all castle pieces off of one Playground layout using the VR Robot.

Program the VR Robot to move like a robotic vacuum.


Introduction to EAGLE

Purpose of PCB

Opening new project

Simple potential divider circuit

Half Wave Rectifier Circuit

Joining two models and joining them into single model

Creating a Chess Pawn

Different kinds of Circuits

Negative Peak Clipper & Symmetrical Clipper

Full wave voltage divider

Converting schematic diagram to PCB layout

Common Emitter BJT Amplifier

Common Collector BJT Amplifier

Common Base BJT Amplifier

Discrete ADC Schematics


Introduction to WEBOT

Adding environment in WEBOT

Introduction to Line Follower Robot

Line Follower Robot Simulation

Creating an environment for pick and place robot

Simulating the Pick & Place robot in the created environment

Fusion 360

Basic Sketching tools

Adding and Removing Material

Designing enclosure


Final Assignment on all modules